Therapeutic Massage Specialist Confessions: Bizarre Rub Stories

Getting a massage must be comfy and soothing. However, when basic decorum is violated, it’s going to be one of the strange therapeutic massage stories.

While massage practitioners are expected in order to their unique solution with utmost reliability, clients in turn are anticipated to follow along with several guidelines overseeing etiquette in the boundaries associated with the massage table. Break these and really… let us notice it through the pros on their own.

12 strange therapeutic massage stories

Everyone loves an excellent story! Nevertheless may possibly not have heard any therapeutic massage tales before. So keep reading… but end up being informed: could cringe, you will end up surprised, might giggle, and hopefully you’ll learn.

# 1 Unhygienic body terror

. Clients are at least anticipated to have showered before their particular appointment. Some do, some you should not. But you’ll find minutes whenever a shower is certainly not enough and a Hazmat suit is.

-“My worst terror story was some guy exactly who came in for massage therapy. I will completely manage some BO, but this person – holy sh*t – the complete center reeked of BO! When he shot to popularity his clothing, it had been extremely evident this particular guy wouldn’t bathe or change their clothing frequently.

His singlet was covered in yellow stains

! Worst therapeutic massage I previously done… I was practically gagging regarding smell.” –
purple_bee (via reddit)

-“I was fuming yesterday because we massaged

some guy who legit had an amount of sh*t in the fracture

. Sometimes I hate my job, but exactly how tough could it be to shower before a massage!?” –
purple_bee (via reddit)

-“we lotioned my hands and touched his straight back, also to my personal disgust noticed the reason why their back appeared odd for me for the dim light. Their back was a minefield of giant blackheads. I proceeded the therapeutic massage. When I begin to warm up the skin acquire the blood moving on his back,

many blackheads start working loose!

These are typically now coating my arms and receiving trapped between my fingers

. There’s an unusual scent that begins completing the air.” –
TwistTheRabbit (via Reddit)

-“While I began undertaking massage about 15 years in the past, I found myself doing work in an elegant spa-type setting. I happened to be undertaking a few’s massage therapy together with my personal co-worker. I found myself rubbing the girl, and she ended up being rubbing the guy.

Well, unfortuitously

the gentleman had a Sacajawea money sized pus-filled blister on his back that popped during massage

. Every time my colleague made a move down their straight back, the blister would glurp a bit more of their hell juices onto his straight back.

The consumers were both face down, so we were making the most wretched faces at each some other to show our very own disgust as my colleague performed their far better stay away from pressing the yellow mess.” –
Bobiki (via Reddit)

# 2

Whenever patrons get naughty

. As a result of romantic character of massages with all of its coming in contact with, some clients gets overly enthusiastic and begin getting frisky.

-“I’m a male massage specialist. When I first started my personal task, I’d a male client work inside dining table as he ended up being susceptible. When I had transformed him supine, the guy questioned easily could rub their stomach.

I began my personal stomach routine, but was actually alert to yet another reliability to my hands – a thing that was not my oil

. [Browse:
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I found myself desperately racking your brains on what it was actually *had I inadvertently combined natural oils?*, when the therapy had concluded. The guy tipped me $100 with a large smile and remaining. We realized just what that strange persistence had been today.” â€“
various_fabrics (via Reddit)

-“i am an authorized massage therapy Therapist for four years, and two weeks ago the very first time previously

, I’d an chat with older man consider it absolutely was OK to try to kiss-me

. I’D TO DRIVE HIM OFF OF us. I didn’t stop to take into account his welfare, or him probably suing my tiny practice. We only thought about my personal borders and my protection. After re-establishing my personal borders, we revealed him the door.” –
gabrielle612 (via Reddit)

-“In a couple of’s therapeutic massage,

men got my personal hand and put it right above their cock

and gave me a very, very lustful look. In addition, a vintage guy “accidently” grazed my personal butt next my vagina. I additionally had some guy win a free of charge therapeutic massage right after which tipped myself their phone number.” –
jaydastar (via Reddit)

-“One woman

made an effort to place the woman face during my crotch and said she’d like to consume myself out

. When it comes to record, I became wearing yoga shorts as I am in addition a yoga instructor.” –
Toxteth_OGrady (via Reddit)

-“Former therapeutic massage counselor here. I accustomed are employed in the YMCA in my hometown. There is a small grouping of four more mature ladies, around their unique very early 50s, that played tennis collectively and a while later got changes acquiring massaged. To start with it actually was fantastic, these people were primarily doctors’ spouses, fairly easy-going, and nice tippers as well. [Read:
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But then circumstances took a turn when it comes down to strange. One girl provided me personally a diamond golf wristband easily decided to switch the order these were massaged in and performed the lady 1st. We dropped the present, but promised to make use of a rotating schedule in the foreseeable future. Eventually, i suppose she got tired of defeating all over plant (so to speak) and made an outright advance by

getting my personal hand and forcing it onto the woman breast

. We told her I became very flattered, but I becamen’t enthusiastic about different women in this way.” – l
aceyleplante (via Reddit)

# 3 perhaps not a “Delighted Ending.”

Some clients might have obtained a bad address or perplexed the friendly neighbor hood massage clinic for a more seedy version of institution.

-“So when I found myself performing medical, we were required to get a hold of our personal clients. Getting the go-getter that I am, I uploaded a Kijiji ad providing my personal solutions. Not long afterward, I have a text message from a man asking me exactly how much a massage was actually. [Study:
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I gave the typical response stating my hospital’s student’s costs. He (I’m assuming it was a male)

expected whether or not it offered special massage treatments and pointed out he was happy to pay added

. I demonstrated your clinic I worked at was expert and introduced him to Craigslist rather than Kijiji.

The guy persisted in inquiring by appealing me with more cash and considered label my personal cost.” –
mythyasha (via Reddit)

-“I became rubbing the dude while my co-worker did the woman. He had been clearly truly taking pleasure in it and

questioned jokingly if he might take myself home with your

. His GF proceeded to jump-up from sleep, butt nude, and stormed , but not before coming up to me to know me as a bunny boiler.” –
natdusz (via Reddit)

“About this past year, I experienced litigant that told me i did not need to be concerned with draping him properly, claiming “I’m not shy” I suggested him that i stick to draping procedure to the letter (just undraping the a portion of the human body i am concentrating on, keeping genitals covered always, etc.).

And his feedback ended up being, “Oh, you’re a rule follower, are you?” My personal response ended up being “positively,” and merely carried on utilizing the massage therapy. The guy did not state other things, but

there clearly was a lot of semen available after he kept

.” –
Shirlena6 (via Reddit)

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Becoming a massage counselor is actually a satisfying but challenging career. But inspite of the occasional pervert or unshowered client, embarrassing experiences lead to good massage therapy stories, so that as a buffer for one’s specialist knowledge.