We have a wide network of qualified Padel teachers, qualified by the International Padel Federation. Whether it’s for your members, or to train your existing tennis coaches, we have the solution.

Providing the right training to your members and coaches is the key to the success of your Padel project. It will ensure your members get to understand the strategy behind the game, and also to progress with the right technique to become more efficient and avoid injuries. Similarly, your coaches will benefit from learning new skills and diversifying their current skill set, depending on your club’s needs.

Having a good training program in place is an equally good approach for both members and sports clubs alike. While clubs create new revenue streams, members create a sense of belonging and commitment to a new sport.

An AusPadel partnership with qualified coaches will provide you with the knowledge and tools to implement a respected teaching program in your club. Padel is increasingly growing; who knows, maybe Australia’s first-ever Padel Team competing at the Padel World Championship will come from your club!

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