One of the many advantages of Padel is its ease of maintenance. The courts are easy to keep in prime condition; our team can support you with the necessary care required to maximize the lifetime of your courts.

Whether it’s changing a glass panel or taking care of your turf, our team will teach you to maintain your courts. We ensure they are kept in the best condition to prolong their lifetime, whilst providing a safe environment for your members to enjoy Padel.

Maintaining your artificial grass is especially important. Professional care of the artificial grass will provide an optimum playing surface for your members, translating into an excellent ball bounce while avoiding possible injuries.

Equally important is maintaining the glass walls, preventing future cracks that might result in an entire glass panel replacement.

At AusPadel our main focus is to protect your investment with excellent maintenance of your facilities. We can help you with:

  • Artificial grass replacement
  • Light brush service
  • Fungicide treatment to remove mold and algae growth
  • Heavy brush service for compacted surfaces
  • Redistribution and top-up of infill silica sand
  • Glass wall cleaning service
  • Glass panel neoprene protection replacement
  • Glass panel replacement

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