AusPadel Pro Court

AusPadel Pro Court is ideal as a centre court. Its panoramic design allows for a clear, non-obstructed, view of the game and for the spectators to have the best experience.

Same as our AusPadel Club Court, this court model has been locally designed to meet all Australians’ safety standards. This panoramic professional court is built with the latest Padel technology in the market to fulfil all your clubs and players’ Padel needs.

This Padel court complies with all the requirements and regulations from the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), as well as the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the World Padel Tour (WPT).

All our courts have passed a rigorous structural assessment by local engineers in order to calculate all loads affecting the structure (wind, bounce, impact, etc...), taking into consideration the harsh Australian climate conditions to guarantee the safety of all your members.

Our courts are made of carbon-manganese steel widely used in the construction sector for outdoor exposure. The steel is treated through a galvanic process to increase the product lifespan and resistance against adverse climatology.

For maximum precision and finishing, we laser cut all pieces as well as use robotic welding to guarantee quality and avoid future rusting.
We only use 12 mm Toughened tempered glass mounted on 5 mm neoprene to reduce vibrations and breakages.
We work with Mondo artificial turf, the World Padel Tour Official turf.

Mondo has developed a new range of Padel artificial turf spoiling a safer, more stable, resilient and faster game.
Our courts are installed with LED lights specially designed for Padel.
Our courts are coated with polyester paint, thermally set powder formulated with polyester resins. This kind of finish ensures the structure with high resistance against corrosion, ultraviolet rays as well as to mechanical impacts.
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