• Padel & Tennis: the perfect Alliance

    Posted by Victor on 04 / 08 / 2019

    Padel and Tennis’ future looks to be developing hand-in-hand, and have already developed the perfect sporting alliance across Europe and Asia. These two racquet sports share many similarities and have a great opportunity ahead to work together towards the same goal.

    Padel is taking the sports industry by storm (we won’t stop saying it!). The rate of growth Padel is experiencing around the world is unseen in recent times. Forecasts show that there will be more than 2000 new courts installed every year over the coming years. Great news for all 12 million existing Padel players, with that number set to rise substantially too.

    Whilst traditional sports, including Tennis seem to have declining participation numbers, Padel is well and truly on the rise. It is assisting Sports organisations and Clubs to pivot their approach from a single sports venue to a multifaceted one, driving retention in existing member numbers as well as attracting new members.

    We have already seen alliances established between Tennis and Padel in some of the biggest Tennis Federations in the world: the English Tennis Federation (LTA), the French Tennis Federation (FFR) and the Italian Tennis Federation (FIP) have all already incorporated Padel into their operations. This is even more impressive knowing that these Federations haven’t integrated another sport into their operations in over 100 years!

    “We are delighted to bring British Padel into the LTA family. We want to open tennis up to as many people across the country as we can and a key element of our strategy to do this is to introduce innovative formats of the game which will help to retain existing players and create a simpler route for new players into our sport. I am sure that with the LTA’s support, Padel will offer new and exciting opportunities for clubs, parks and tennis centres in Britain.” Scott Lloyd, LTA CEO.

    Padel’s simplicity to play and social aspects are helping Tennis Clubs to significantly retain and attract new members, whilst providing innovative and simpler routes into Tennis itself. Similarly, Padel is benefiting from Tennis organisations knowledge and operational expertise by assisting in Padel’s growth in opening new courts and getting greater visibility in more regions. This multifaceted approach and sporting alliance is not something new and has proven its benefits for both sports organisations and communities all over the world.

    This is not just about Padel and Tennis though, we are experiencing first-hand the benefits of incorporating Padel courts into Golf and Lawn Bowls Clubs across the globe. This combination has not only helped drive an increase of numbers to these clubs, but also assisted in diversifying their offerings and members across male and female of all age groups. This is helping to create more awareness and participants in the Clubs main sport offering too.

    At AusPadel we would love to hear from you, our experience in Padel will help us to work with you to revamp your club’s member numbers and secure its financial viability for the future.

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